Some Middle Eastern humor: this is a terrorist website, according to Ms Neveen Nesheiwat, attorney of my wife

Corrupt Westchester Courts

!8 Months of Misery and Degradation

Michail was brought by my ex-mother in law to the demonstration in front of the courthouse on May 14. The old woman approached and verbally assaulted the father in front of the kid and other witnesses by using profane language. When this was brought to the attention of the corrupt judge Robert Neary, he dismissed the incident. This happens in a First World country. Shame.

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Court Dates

May 1 2007 - Unbelievable -I was verbally assaulted by Judge Neary and physically threatened by one of the policemen (encouraged in his acts by the judge). Michael Assaf (my wife's attorney) was not prepared to try the eqiuitable distribution and claimed that the discovery was not complete. Neary, who himself signed the trial readiness order threatened to jail me if I dont resubmit a CD with statements (even if the Assaf's boss Nesheiwat declared in July that the discovery is complete) and the trial readiness order from August 2006 states that "no further discovery should be allowed".

Nothing unexpected - this judge is corrupt.

April 24 - moved to May 1 - Neary allegedly had a murder case


April 5, 2007 Judge Neare apologized for being too harsh with me during the appearance on April 14. He reviewed the transcripts from April 14 and found that the trial was scheduled for 11AM as I stated and not for 9:30 as he, Assaf and the Law Guardian of my son allegedly thought. Interestingly Rosalie Lesley the law guardian of my son did not raise voice to tell the truth even if her job is to protect the interests of my son and not to disparage me.


March 14, 2007 Started with verbal assault by judge Neary - he claimed that I was late at 11AM and the appearance was scheduled for 9:30. False - I refused to apologize and advised Neary to review the transcript from February 21, 2007, whe this appearance was scheduled for 11 and not for 9:30. Neary asked me howcome Rosalie Lesley, the liar law guyardian of my son and the attorneys of my wife knew the right time and I was the only one to come at 11. Again I refused to apologize.

When I submitted recent pictures of my son taken during a supervised visit, awfully haircut like a prisoner by my ex-wife who receies $200 a month w/o work, Neary shamelessly stated that he wanted the same haircut for his sones.

Well, I don't wish this hairciut to Neary's sons, but I wish Neary had a haircut made by my wife.

Letters to the racketeering trio

An idiot on the bench (observations on idiot's behavior)


It came to my attention that the local perjury workshop (Northern Westchester Women Shelter) and its child interrogator Ms. Marybeth Munier expressed interest in this site.

Especially for Ms. Munier and her team:


Arrest records of Ms. Basheva[-Petrova]


Poligraph test of Mr. Petrov


Proof of Mariya Basheva's craziness


Disgusting fetishism - Mariya Basheva exposing her breasts under the jacket of a 2 1/2-year old boy (while the Corrupt judge Neary is busy extorting money from the father, the real child abuser is given full custody over the abused) picture taken by Mariya Basheva herself; e-mailed by herself to male friends


Latest news:

Judge Robert Neary" was found by a independent panel to be the second main player in fixing the Deskovic case. Thanks to ADA Neary's wrongdoing the innocent Mr. Jeffrey Deskovic was convicted in rape and murder and spent 16 years in jail.

Now the wrongdoer Neary enjoys the perks of an appointed NYS Supreme Court judge position and continues doing wrong with full immunity. (The guy run in 3 judicial campaigns and was rejected 3 times by the electorate; in 2006 he was appointed to the Supreme Court by Gov. Pataki). How long it will take the public outcry to finally remove Neary and put him where he deserves to be - playing chess with inmate Garson.


Contact me


Anathomy of a child kidnap (a supervised tragedy) and a brave little boy, who was harshly interrogated by a feminist activist (from Northern Westchester Shelter), but refused to lie



Learn more about Judge Walker and his "excellent judicial temperament"


“My husband … has a financial portfolio approximately one million dollars.”

“I never said that my husband had a financial portfolio over one million dollars…”




Document nature

Affidavit in Support to order to Show Cause, requesting spousal support and money for attorney’s retainer

Letter to Appellate Division, Second Department


Notarized; sworn under penalty of perjury

Notarized (“I swear that what I say here is the truth”)


Judge Walker granted her $900/month spousal support; removed $10,000 from my savings and gave it to her attorney; ordered me to remove another $10,000 from my savings and pay my [former and future] attorneys



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FBI investigation on corruption in Westchester Matrimonial Courts (if you wish to cooperate, call the FBI investigator at 845-989-6000x6026)

Giving custody for abusive mothers, turning their kids into golden leg laying hens, committing crimes against humanity - this and more administered by Judge Sam Walker and likes

For 9 months I spent with my 5-year old son less than 30 hours

The temporary custody of my son is granted to a woman who:


Stopped him from the two preschools he attended before she started the money extortion comedy on October 29, 2005


Was arrested for pinching a 7-year old child


has left my son for 4 hours with 1 inch open wound on his head (this happened 2 years ago)


Lied that she is an actress and has attended the most prestigious college for theater in Bulgaria (in fact she never attended this college, this was a pretext to get money from her husband)


Sent naked photos of herself via e-mail to a male


Was offering online dating to one of the best friends of her husband.

My son shares an apartment with these:


Currently Mariya's mother who abandoned her first child as a baby takes care of my son (I heard recently that this woman claims that her baby was taken away from her). In fact until recently Mariya's brother used to say that he does not recognize his natural mother as a mother.


Mariya's brother claims that he is currently doing PHD in Math (in fact the guy has never graduated from the Math college he once attended)


A female ex class mate of Mariya's brother sent him in October 2005 a check to buy a plane ticket to visit her in Florida. The guy did not buy the ticket, but cashed the check (poor girl!)

Imagine you have brain tumor and need surgery

You go to a hospital and ask about the success rate of this particular operation.

-Well, we don't keep statistics, is the answer.

-And do you have statistics about the mortality rate, you ask again.

-Well, we don't keep statistics about the mortality rate too.

-Do you have any statistics, you ask again.

-Well, we don't keep any statistic, but a NYS Supreme Court judge is among our clients.

Will you agree to have your operation performed in this specific hospital? click here



Will you do everything to be able to see your child?

If Yes, you are a potential child kidnaper

At least according to Judge Sam Walker click here


July 18, 2006_2PM, Westchester_NYS Supreme_Court 2nd_floor,_judge Sam_Walker

Ms Nesheiwat (the "pro bono"  attorney of my wife) claimed  before Hon. Walker today July 18 that I created a "terrorist site". Unfortunately Judge Walker ignored the warning, washed his hands like Pilates and recused himself 


July 19, 2006Appearence before Judge Colandjello about the "shopping" charge (I have been seen by my wife in Galleria Mall and White Plains City Center 3 weeks before Christmas)


August 2, 2006 2PM, Westchester NYS Supreme Court 1st floor, judge Colandjello (judge's name on the door)


August 29, courtroom 35, matrimonial; before Judge Neary. His recusal requested; he received $750 contribution from Neveen Nesheiwat, attorney of my wife. No arrogancy, ugly intimidations and bad taste like Judge Walker's, obviously better educated that Walker. Judge Neary said that seeing my son in a prison like facility (supervised visitations) w/o any reason was normal. Am I an idiot?


September 6, 2006 2PM, judge Colandjello -nothing special happened - wasting time, the ADA lied (all on tape) - she said that my bail is $10000 and in a minute, when I asked $5000 overpaid be returned to my sister, Ms Haynes started saying that the bond was actually $15000. Looks like Judge Walker falsified the papers after that - at leas an additional $5000 were added in the online court calendar.


* September 27, 2006 2PM, Westchester NYS Supreme Court, White Plains, NY

1st floor, judge Colandjello (judge's name on the door)



Judicial Sanctioned Child Kidnaps (or who incites the Fatherhood Crisis)

Latest Developments

On July 18 judge Sam Walker finally recused himself.

He set traps however.

The criminal case (me seen shopping in a Mall 3 weeks before Christmas) was transfered to Judge Rory Bellantoni.


Judge Bellantoni served for 9 months as a Law Clerk in the office of judge Sam Walker.


Judge Bellantoni  received monetary contributions for his electoral campaign by the attorney of my wife Neveen Nesheiwat.


On August 3 Judge Bellantony recused himself too.


Judge Walker "certified the divorce matter "ready for trial" in an order signed on August 2.

Well, Judge, it is not ready. The only discovery admitted by you since you started handling my divorce was the search of my MILLION DOLLAR portfolio by my wife's attorney.

It is quite a progress - now the lawyers of Mariya Basheva-Petrova know that the million is only in their client's dreams


On August 9, 2006 my divorce case (ready for trial) was assigned to Judge Robert Neary. Well Neveen Nesheiwat greased him well too - she has donated $750 for his electoral campaign.

She is such a sponsor!

A new industry emerged and thrives, ruining our families and moral values, kidnapping children from their parents.

With the sole purpose to extort money from the moving force of our economy - the hard working American fathers and taxpayers.

The domestic violence industry is funded by taxpayer’s and fathers money. It is promoted by corrupt judges that funnel taxpayer's money to lawyers, psychiatrists and different programs.

Where and how to report a biased or corrupt judge

Don't leave the things as is. Don't be afraid. There must not be slavery in the 21 century. Be pro se. Report bias, corruption or incompetence (even if they won't listen to you).



Contact me


The Feminist Anti-Kid Crusade


How to file a complaint against a bad judge


For Equal Parenting



Judicial Bias(?) - how it works and how to fight it


Coalition Against State-Sanctioned Kidnapping


Rest in Pease, Nicolae Bartha




a NY Post journalist called you demented, possibly from ignorance,

possibly because he was demented himself click here



A Liberal Judge

Do you beat your wife, don't care about your kids and don't pay your taxes?

Then Honorable Walker is your judge of choice. He would give you a free attorney, and since he "hates to put people in jail", he would direct you to a taxpayer sponsored evening domestic violence classes, that you may even enjoy (especially if your IQ is not too high).

Since you don't pay taxes anyway, the judicial intervention wont affect your wallet, and the order of protection that your wife would certainly get (the "liberal" judges distributes them like candies), would give you a good excuse to try a new partner.

What if you don't beat your wife (actually your wife straightens you from time to time), love your children and diligently pay your taxes?

Well, then you are in a big trouble, my friend. "Empowering women, fighting discrimination" - judge Walker embraced this motto and would apply it literally to you. Judge Sam Walker wont discriminate between you and the guy who beats his wife, guaranteed. You would be treated in exactly the same way  Honorable Walker treats the convicted criminals.

Actually a bit worse, since you will be forced to shell a couple of [tens of] thousand dollars for lawyers, wife and child support. And you will be able to see your adorable children at your wife's discretion. I.e., if your wife decides that she needs just your money, not you; you won't be able to see your kids at all. And it would be your fault, my friend - it was you who choose to have a family and children, to work hard and pay taxes.

 Let me finish with a friendly advise - the worst thing that you could do is to keep insisting that you are not guilty - according to the "Dominant aggressor" doctrine, applied by our family courts and in particular by Judge Sam D. Walker, the more you deny, the worst offender you are.


To the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct about Judge Robert A. Neary


Judge's Name: Robert Neary

Judge's Court: Supreme Court               County:   Westchester

Date(s) of Incident(s): 10/20/2006, 11/17/2006


Details of Complaint:

I’m Plaintiff in the divorce case (index #21006-05) and Honorable Robert Neary is the Judge.


Order granting attorney fees

On October 20, 2006 Judge Neary issued an oral order from the bench granting attorney fees w/o requiring any proof that the expenses actually occurred and stating that he “is not taking into consideration” the Defendant’s allegations that Plaintiff filed a blizzard of motions pro-se.

In a letter sent to Judge Neary immediately after the Court appearence, Plaintiff expressed his view that this order was not based on proper grounds and asked for a written version of this order so that he could appeal it.

On November 17 Judge Neary signed as is a proposed order prepared by Defendant’s attorney, stating as a ground for granting attorney fees the “fact” that “the petition filed by Plaintiff was the latest in a numerous collection of petitions filed before various judges” and that “the [attorney’s] fees [were] necessitated by the need to respond to the multitude of motions filed by Plaintiff”.

As such de facto Judge Neary accepted the allegations brought by Defendant which according to Hon. Neary’s own words he “does not take into consideration”.

I believe that Judge Neary’s sudden change in mind came because he desperately needed to state a ground for the written version of the oral order, which was not based on any ground. 


The facts indicate unequivocally that the sole criteria Hon. Neary was assigned to my matrimonial case was his ties to my wife’s attorney

In August 2006 as a result of the recusal Judge Sam Walker, my case was split to a criminal part and a matrimonial part.

The criminal and the matrimonial matters were assigned to the two judges who topped the Defendant’s attorney contribution list

The Defendant’s attorney Ms. Neveen Nesheiwat contributed respectively $5000 and $750 to Judge Rory Bellantoni and Judge Robert Neary election campaigns.

At the time of the assignment Judge Bellantoni and Judge Neary were not actively handling respectively criminal and matrimonial matters.


Judge Bellantoni recused himself as a result of my written request, Judge Neary refused.


During the first court appearance before Judge Neary, he dismissed outright and without any hearing my motion addressing the scandalous perjuries committed by the Defendant, probably with the help of her attorney Ms. Nesheiwat, who sponsored Hon. Neary in his election endeavors in 2004.


Among the perjuries, committed by my wife in sworn affidavits are the following allegations, which I wanted addressed ASAP:

-         that I transferred offshore $180,000 in order to evade taxation

-         that I own one million dollar financial portfolio (in my statement of net worth I claim a net worth of $140,000)

-         that I own $477,00 in stocks which I’m hiding

-         that I tried to throw my wife out of the moving vehicle while speeding on I-95

-         that I tried to strangle my wife in 2002 in an elevator in Karlsruhe, Germany

-         that I raped my wife in December 2002 in the presence of my son



Judge Neary refused to address the above perjuries in his Court and when contacted by the Westchester DA office, with whom I filed a complaint and requested investigation, influenced them, to decline any investigation on the matter.


Judge Neary’s ties with my wife’s attorney Ms. Neveen Nesheiwat are a public secret among the law professionals in Westchester County

Recently I contacted and interviewed four attorneys in an attempt to insure I’m represented during the premature trial Judge Neary scheduled for December 18.

All of them refused or asked me for extraordinary high retainers ranging from $25000 to $35000, a sum that I cannot afford. Thus even if I own highly liquid assets valued at more than $100,000 and the last day of the trial is scheduled by Hon. Neary to determining the attorney fees.

One of the attorneys I met was quite frank with me and told me that since “Neary is a man of Nesheiwat” he expected that judge Neary grants to Ms. Nesheiwat my portion of the marital assets in its entirety.

I can provide the list of the attorneys I contacted on request.


Complainant's Signature:     

Peter Petrov



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